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Name:Thor Odinson
Birthdate:Jul 12
Thor Odinson, possesor of Mjolnir and guardian of Midgard, comes from a long forgotten realm by the name of Asgard. The great hammer Mjolnir allows him to conduct lightning and command thunder which grants him the title of thunder God. Once a cocksure and arrogant man, he was cast down to Midgard, otherwise known as Earth to its inhabitants, to find humility, humanity, and responsibility. Even though he eventually returned to Asgard he frequently visits Midgard when needed.

Thor is taken from the Marvel Cinematuc Universe, though he might have some of his comic influences accidentally sprinkled in mistakenly. He will try not to say 'thou' too much. There will also be hints of his original mythology thrown in. Can and will be played in Midgard and Asgard.

Mun and muse are both 18+
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